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Trevor walked down the long hallway dressed in his usual slacks, wingtip shoes, white undershirt and black buttoned dinner jacket he kept his scilenced hand gun under the dinner jacket with 50 extra rounds with it. His job is working as an agent for the CIA he is a tall skinny rabbit in great shape he is also gay but he kepts that a secret for fear of losing his job his mate is his partner.

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At the Mall posted by Haze Rated: Public [Reviews - 0]
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It started in the early part of the 21st Century. Malls with their own zip
code. I mean these things are HUGE! If they didn't have those moving
escalators where everyone walked, your feet would be so sore you'd collapes
from exhaustion. This particular mall, the Promenade Hills Mall, was the
biggest one in the state. And I was fortunate enough to live only a half
mile away from it. It had everything, an entire section of resturants, over
2 dozen; a huge arcade and a sex store. You heard right, a sex store, where
you could have sex with any number of anthropomorphic animals. Part plush
toy, part fursuit and part robot, the perfect mate. This began shortly after
the zip code mall. Some scientist created a vixen that felt so real, but was
almost robotic underneath. I say almost because they're sex regions were
made real by a sort of bioengineer technique that I don't explain to
understand. They became the hottest rage in only 6 months. Heck you can even
have one custom made and delivered to you, for a price of course. I had
never tried it before and was curious. So I found myself rolling down the
escalator one day and got off at the sex shop dubbed "The Animal Room".
Immediatly the attendant at the couter came round and greeted me.

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Numinex posted by Yahl Mistress Rated: Public [Reviews - 8]
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As Amy is in a deep sleep, her dreams are altered by noises of reality, Her dreams of her first day on BD-A18. A Ultra Collider that orbits a sun like a ring, she hears the noises in her dream. A door closing, A male voice, and her roomie Amanda. the noises in the main room get louder, as casual talk begins filling her ears, and she starts to wake.

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