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 The hot water streamed down from the shower head onto my face and down my
shoulders. It continued
down my back, legs, and tail in small rivulets. I let it soak my light gray
fur and warm the morning stiffness out of my
joints. I grabbed my bottle of shampoo from the shower rack, almost causing
the metal contraption to collapse on
me, and began to rub the soap in.
I started with my head, closing my eyes to keep out the shampoo, and moved
downward. Head, face,
shoulders, slight detour to the arms, chest, and belly. I stopped there and
looked down to see the dried jizz from the
previous night. I could see patches of Ben’s ottercum all over my tummy.
There was probably more on my rear.

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Published: 27/08/11 Updated: 10/04/12
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Written by 'dirakj'

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