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It was just a normal Monday; nothing special - an ordinary Monday, just like the other ordinary Mondays. No one would ever think that this day won't be so ordinary. Well, I wouldn't think about that also. I never imagined that Today will change my whole life.

I'm not very rich, but not also very rich guy that live in central-west Poland. Some about one year ago I graduated the Veterinary College. After it I moved to a little village, but unfortunately there was a very small quantity of animals. There were some cows, dogs and cats, but it wasn't that what I was looking for in my job. I wanted to help animals that I really like; animals that are beautiful and noble - like horses. Unfortunately I lost all my hope to find some of them in that village, but exactly today I saw a miracle in the newspaper - an advertisement that brought back hope: "We are looking for a veterinarian with special knowledge about horses. Good paid, full time job plus free flat. For contact call...

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