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Story Notes:

Written by 'Tony Greyfox'


"I know that was here somewhere..."

A paw stirred the stacks of notepads and photocopied pages that
resided on either side of the computer, covering most of Erik's desk
to the point where the only free space was where the keyboard sat. He
always thought - about every thirty seconds or so - that he should get
some sort of organization to his information, but the skunk was sure
that the minute he did, he wouldn't be able to find anything ever

Of course, he couldn't find anything now, but at least everything was
on the desk...

Still shuffling and peering through the wreckage, he accidentally
batted a notepad that shifted as his paw passed; it, in turn,
destabilized a heap of details about building codes in the 1920s,
which developed a severe list to port and slipped, setting off a
massive paper avalanche; Erik grabbed at the stack but missed, instead
knocking more of the wreckage loose, to slide off the desk and land
scattered around the skunk's bare feet.

Looking down at the mess, Erik sighed and shook his head. "I didn't
need that right now anyways."

The truth was that he didn't know what to do with any of the
information he'd been gathering for the last two weeks. Well, he knew
what to do with it, but he had no idea how to use any of it. He'd been
sitting at his computer for two days, staring at a near-empty screen,
occasionally starting to write something, then throwing it out.
Nothing seemed to feel right, and the effect of those starts and stops
were starting to get on his nerves.

Irritated, he swatted at a few pieces of paper that had stayed on the
desk, adding them to the wreckage on the floor, and tried again. And
again. And again.

Nothing. It was hopeless.

Just as the skunk was considering spraying the computer and chewing on
the printer cords, a soft paw landed on his shoulder, causing him to
jump and squeak in surprise.

Colin looked at him with amusement, his striped tail swishing through
the paper wreckage on the floor. "A little overstressed, aren't you,
love?" the raccoon asked as Erik took a few deep breaths and commanded
his heart to slow down. "You didn't even smell me coming up... that
doesn't happen often."

"You're lucky I wasn't about to do what I was thinking of doing to the
computer, or our tomato juice bill would be ridiculous," the skunk
grumbled, sitting back down and kicking at a steno pad irritably.

Colin's paws stroked familiarly over his lover's shoulders, gently
caressing  his tense muscles and ruffling the soft, short black fur,
getting a soft sigh from the skunk in return. "Still no luck with that
article, Erik?" Erik shook his head and lowered it onto his arms as
Colin's fingers worked lightly along his neck.

"No... I haven't even gotten it started. I've never had a case of
writer's block like this before in my life... I'm a professional, damn
it, we're not supposed to get writer's block!" He sighed and shifted a
shoulder as he felt the tension start to bleed away to Colin's
kneading paws.

Colin hmmmmed, fingertips drifting down the white stripe of fur that
split his mate's back along the spine and getting a light shiver for
his trouble. "I've got an idea, Erik - why don't we get out of the
house for a while? It's a nice day, we can go for a walk in the park."

The skunk pondered that for a few moments. "Well, considering how
effective I am with writing, I may as well forget it right now. Sure,
just give me a while to get this mess cleaned up."

"Sure thing, love," Colin replied, smiling slightly. "I'll be
downstairs waiting."

Once the Paper Blob that Ate Kitsilano was dealt with and Erik's desk
was back to its usual overloaded self, he grabbed a denim shirt and
threw it on unbuttoned; the spring was warmer than usual, but there
was still a slight chill that managed to cut through his fur enough
that at least some clothing  was needed. Padding downstairs, he found
Colin waiting with a full backpack. "Were you planning a long stay,
hon?" he chuckled as the raccoon hoisted the pack over his shoulder.

"I realized that I've never had a picnic lunch, and it might be fun,"
Colin smiled. "I decided to improvise."

Erik hugged the smaller raccoon, and nuzzled his cheek lightly. "That
does sound like a good idea. Shall we?"

One of the benefits of living in the University Village area of
Vancouver was the closeness to both UBC and the Endowment Lands, most
of which encompassed old-growth rainforest that had been protected as
parkland. It was a fifteen minute walk for the two furs to reach the
outskirts of Pacific Spirit Park, and within moments were out of sight
of the roads and houses that crept right up to the edge of the woods.

A couple of mountain bikers, both human and fur, sped past the two as
they hiked along the flat trails of the park, through oceans of
creeping salal plants and ferns that grew round the roots of the
soaring Douglas-fir trees, the chittering sounds of squirrels in the
branches replacing the sounds of cars as they moved further into the
brush. It being early spring, the trail network was still mostly
silent, especially on the city side of the park; towards the
university, a few students would be found wandering the wilderness on
weekdays, relaxing between classes.

Erik took a few deep breaths, smelling the light scent of the forest
around him, and smiled at Colin. "I always love it in here - it's so
different from the surroundings," he said, taking the smaller fur's

Colin grinned at him and squeezed Erik's fingers lightly. "There's
something about being in the woods that relaxes me," he replied,
looking ahead for a moment. "C'mon, let's go this way," he said,
pulling the skunk left onto a smaller trail.

"I've never been out this way... what's out here?" Erik asked as the
main trail fell away behind them.

"I found a pond out here that nobody knows about. It's not far, and
it's got a nice spot for a picnic."

"You've been planning this for a while, haven't you, love?" Erik
grinned. The raccoon nodded.

"You've been working so hard with all these different projects, and
I've been so busy with school, that we haven't spent a lot of time
together, and I've missed you a little. I wanted to have you to myself
for a few hours, at least," he said, squeezing Erik's paw again.

The skunk stopped and pulled his partner into his arms abruptly. "I'm
sorry, love, I didn't realize..."

Colin hugged Erik back and licked his nose playfully. "Don't be sorry,
Erik, we're both busy, and when you're busy, that happens."

Erik looked down at his mate. "I know, but I've been letting myself
get too wrapped up in my work. You deserve more than that, Colin... I
love you."

"I know you do, Erik, and yes, you have been too wrapped up in your
work lately," Colin agreed. "That happens to everyone once in a while.
Besides, we're together right now, aren't we? Now you know that
there's a concern, and we're doing something about it, so it's okay."
He smiled and tugged the skunk's paw down the trail again. "Now,
c'mon. We're almost there."

Erik smiled and followed his love again, along the trail until he led
out through a break in the trees, finally coming out in a small
clearing where a tiny pond sparkled in the filtered sunlight.

Setting his pack down, Colin dug out a blanket and spread it out along
the grassy fringe that surrounded the pool as Erik admired the
setting. "How'd you find this place?" he asked as the raccoon set
plastic containers out.

"Aerial photos," Colin grinned. "I was in the Forestry building during
an open house and they had a bunch of the area out; I could follow the
trails through the park, they were so good, and I saw this pond was
nowhere close to any of the main trails, so I checked it out. It's
nice and private."

Erik smiled and sat in the grass, his tail curling around his feet,
watching as Colin fished a sandwich out of a container and handed it
over. "This was a great idea, Colin," he complimented. "I'm already

His mate stood up and stretched, grinning. "I'm going to relax a
little more," he said, then stripped off his shirt and jeans, running
his hands through his greyish-brown fur before settling down on the

Erik looked on, shocked. "What _are_ you doing?" he sputtered.

"Well, like I said, this is really private, and I like feeling the sun
on my fur. You should try it... it's even more relaxing."

The skunk looked around the pond. "Are you sure?" Colin nodded. "Oh,
why not?" He stood and took off his clothes, then lay on his back in
the spring grass, stretching out in the warmth of the sun. "Oh, this
_is_ nice...." he breathed, munching his sandwich. Colin smiled over
at him and pulled a bottle of white wine from the pack, pouring two
glasses as Erik giggled. "You've been reading romance novels again,

A series of squirrels and rabbits popped out of the brush for short
moments, examining curiously the two furs as they lazily worked their
way through lunch to the chirping of tree frogs and crickets in the
idyllic clearing. The dishes cleaned up finally, Colin curled up
warmly against Erik's side, his love's arm around his shoulders and
broad, white-striped tail curled around his thighs as they idly
watched puffy, light clouds drifting off the Strait of Georgia, headed
inland. "Mmmm," the raccoon purred lightly, nuzzling Erik's chest.
"This is wonderful...."

Erik nodded assent silently, his paw scratching behind Colin's ears.
"It was a wonderful idea, love. Thanks for getting me out of the

The raccoon reached up and kissed Erik lightly, then rolled away and
stood up, stretching, then padded over to the edge of the pond and
dipped a toe into the sparkling water. "Feel like a swim?"

Erik laughed. "Are you kidding? That must be freezing!"

"Not really - it's actually quite nice." Erik watched as Colin waded
into the pool, his tail held high as the water moved up his thighs
until he surged forward, water sloshing as he sank to his shoulders,
breaking into a breast stroke, tail leaving its own wake behind him.

Taking a short circle around the pool, Colin stopped and stood in
front of Erik, grinning. "C'mon, scaredy-skunk, it's not that cold!"
he called, splashing water in the skunk's direction.

"Oh, all right. You can nurse me through the pneumonia." Walking to
the pool's edge, Erik set one foot in the cool water and flinched, but
had to admit it wasn't as cold as he'd feared. He worked his way
deeper into the shallow pool, the water crawling up his thighs to
tickle at his crotch, his tail dipping until finally he let himself
fall forward into the pond up to his neck. A shiver of cold flashed
through him, then subsided as he started to swim slowly. "Hey, this
isn't bad at all," he called, looking around for Colin... who he
couldn't see. "Colin?"

A paw reached up from the water, caught him by the shoulder, and
yanked his head under abruptly; he surfaced a moment later,
sputtering, to find Colin treading water in front of him, grinning
mischievously. "Gotcha!" he giggled, swimming away. Erik growled and
followed, and a game of tag broke out, the two chasing one another
around the pool for a few minutes until they came together, laughing
and hugging,in the shallows.

Erik stroked his paw down his lover's back, his claws ruffling through
the wet fur, and felt something hard pressing against his thigh.
Kissing Colin on his short muzzle, he giggled. "So swimming gets you
wound up, huh?"

The raccoon's paws slid down to Erik's lower back, drawing the skunk
close. "It must be the cold water," he replied slyly. "I can't see it
being anything else...."

"Hey!" Erik laughed, stroking the curve of Colin's hip, feeling
himself starting to harden as the raccoon pressed his hips close. "We
should probably ease off... we are in public, here."

"Too late," Colin murmured, his lips finding the skunk's, his tongue
brushing against Erik's teeth, finding his soft tongue and curling
against it. Erik mmmed softly and tightened his hug, cupping one of
the raccoon's buttocks as he pulled him close.

Colin broke the kiss and smiled, heading for the shore and their
blanket, again towing his partner out of the water. He pushed Erik
down onto the sheet and kissed him hard again, his paw finding Erik's
hardening erection and stroking it to its full length. Erik leaned
back and moaned softly as his mate caressed him knowingly, familiar
with all the motions that he loved, himself brushing his paw down the
'coon's belly to caress his sheath and emergent erection.

Kissing and stroking one another, the two worked until both were fully
erect, their breathing fast and urgent, until Colin pulled away and
dropped his head to Erik's crotch, his tongue replacing the paw he had
been using on the skunk's thick shaft. Erik chirred happily and tugged
at Colin's tail until the raccoon positioned himself to allow Erik's
muzzle to reach his own cock. The skunk's pink tongue flicked out over
the head and curled around it, getting a soft gasp and a gentle thrust
of the raccoon's hips in response.

A warmth engulfed his hardness, and Erik moaned as Colin's muzzle took
him, his wet tongue caressing his length as the 'coon sucked gently,
his mouth moving slowly along the shaft. The skunk returned the favor,
tasting the salty tang of Colin's precum as he sank his partner's cock
into his muzzle deeply, drawing it in and out.

Colin's head moved faster, his nose burying itself in Erik's damp
bellyfur as his lips stroked across the skunk's sensitive cock,
meeting the movement of his lover's hips as they started to thrust
into his mouth; Erik also picked up the pace, feeling Colin's rhythm
getting more ragged as they went along, until the raccoon drew back
and pulled away abruptly, panting, to rifle through his pack once
more, producing a bottle of lube and turning back.

He squeezed out a pawful of the stuff and spread it over Erik's shaft,
gripping it tight and stroking strongly a few times as Erik moaned and
bucked his hips, then rolled onto his side facing away from the skunk,
his tail drawn up to expose his ass. Looking over his shoulder, he
smiled at Erik, reaching back to stroke his hip. "Your turn, lover,"
he whispered.

Getting the idea, Erik shuffled forward until he lay behind the
raccoon, collected the ringed tail up and pulled it over his hip to
keep it out of the way. Moving closer, he put an arm around the
raccoon's chest and pressed the head of his cock, slick with lube,
against Colin's tight hole. "Ready?" he whispered into one of the
rounded ears; getting a nod in return, he pushed forward, feeling a
slight tension before the head of his shaft pushed its way into the
raccoon's warm body.

Colin moaned and drew a leg up in front of him to push back into the
thickness that was penetrating him; Erik slid his hips closer yet and
propped himself up on an elbow to allow more leverage until his hips
met the 'coon's ass, his entire length buried in his lover. They lay
there for a few moments, Colin moaning softly as his body gently
squeezed Erik's shaft, until the skunk slowly drew back, then rocked
his hips forward again, sliding through the tight ring of Colin's
anus, his paw gripping the raccoon's thick penis and caressing it in
time with his motions.

Groaning softly, Colin shuffled his legs again, his ass suddenly
tightening around Erik's shaft as he thrust deep inside; the skunk
groaned in pleasure and picked up his pace, both with his own thrusts
and on Colin's cock, slick with his own precum. The tip of Colin's
tail flicked down under Erik's tail and brushed his own tailhole as
the raccoon's paw reached back and grabbed the fur on the skunk's hip,
urging him deeper still. He shuffled around slightly to raise himself
over the raccoon's body, propping himself up on his elbow and knees,
giving him more leverage as he felt the pressure building. He drove
himself deep, his hips slamming against his lover, his cock stroking
hard into Colin's tightness, feeling his shaft being caressed by his
lover's body as Colin moaned and cried out softly in pleasure, himself
rolling to give Erik an even better angle, his cock twitching in
Erik's paw.

Finally, with a long, drawn out growl, Erik lunged forward, his chest
driving Colin's body down as he exploded, his hot cum spurting into
the raccoon's ass, filling him with the warm sticky fluid. The raccoon
yowled and jerked against the cock buried in him, and Erik felt his
cock pulse in his paw, his own orgasm spurting out across the skunk's
paw and onto the blanket. Holding one another tightly together, the
two furs rocked through their climaxes, slowly relaxing as the
sensations dimmed, then trailed off entirely, leaving them panting for
breath and hugging one another close.

Sprawled across his lover's back, Erik managed to get his breath back
slowly, lifting his paw to his muzzle to lick the salty cum away, then
letting it fall to scratch Colin's furry chest as he shifted back to
his side, regretfully letting his shrinking erection slide out of the
'coon's anus. Colin sighed softly and snuggled his shoulders back into
Erik's chest, his paw stroking the skunk's forearm lightly as his tail
curled around Erik's knees, purring wordlessly. Erik kissed his ear
and giggled lightly.

"What's so funny, skunk?" Colin asked softly, taking Erik's paw and
kissing it.

Erik licked the back of his love's neck in response. "I just can't
believe we did that in the middle of the park, in broad daylight. I
never thought I'd ever do that...."

The raccoon giggled. "I guess I'm just a corrupting influence, huh?"

"Probably," Erik admitted. "But I do think we should get cleaned up
and dressed, just in case."

"You're right, hon," Colin agreed, turning his head to lick Erik's
muzzle before standing and stretching with a satisfied expression.
"Hand me my jeans?"

The two dressed slowly and packed the evidence of their tryst into
Colin's pack, and casually made their way back to the trail, holding
hands once again. They were surprised to meet a felid couple on their
way in, also packing a basket. "Nice day for a picnic at the pond,
hm?" the female smiled as the two couples passed one another. Colin
managed to look embarassed as the male grinned knowingly.

Erik squeezed his lover's paw and smiled back. "It certainly was...."



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