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"Well it's Friday at last," the IT grunt let out with a sigh. Ed
had a particular fondness for Fridays like most anyone who works
in an office, and this had been a particularly boring week. He
settles down with his morning cup of coffee and fires up his
laptop to check his Email.
Eddiddiums, usually called Edward or Ed for short, is cat-boy,
and a pretty average one at that. He is five feet six inches tall
with brown fur, bright red hair, green eyes and slender build
fitting for a small feline such as him. His fur is almost devoid
of all markings except for the white tip of his tail and the black
fur on the insides of his ears. For a living Ed is the IT support
for a small tech firm. He enjoys his job for the most part, except
when the week is as uneventful as this one has been.

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Written by 'Eddiddiums'

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