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Summary: This siries follows an anthro Canine who finds himslef captured and sold as...
Rated: Public
Categories: SciFi, Straight, Gay, Lesbian
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Completed: No Word count: 9146 Read Count: 72 Published: 16/11/15 Updated: 17/11/15
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Is anyone even on here anymore?
Kitty the elemental
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I'd help you if I could, but I don't :(
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anyone know any good fan fiction sites?
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Hi pplz
Yahl Mistress
01/13/13 06:02 pm
You could also try getting inspiration in other ways if you want something Erotic and New.
Yahl Mistress
01/13/13 06:00 pm
I got a random E-Mail that someone needs inspiration for their story. They didn't say who they were. Try observing the Furry society, then write based on what the majority of Furries want.